Special Treatments

The treatment of industrial waste water can require several “special” products for heavy duty usage and non-standard operating conditions.
To prevent corrosion and abrasion, typical problems of these applications, Faggiolati proposes two special coatings to be applied on its pumps: ceramic coating and metalization treatment (tungsten carbide).
Such coatings are applied on parts that are the most subject to wearing (impeller, diffuser, oil chamber) and give the pumps an exceptional resistance to abrasion and corrosion (in case of ceramic coating), with extension of lifespan and reduction of maintenance costs.

Ceramic Treatment (TSC)

Surface treatment with composite bi-component ceramic consisting of an epoxide matrix with intersticial ceramic particles of high resistance to abrasion.

Metalization Treatment (TSM)

Surface plasma treatment with the addition of carbides. The material to be added that is generally used is tungsten carbide.
This treatment is applicable to the main fusion materials: Cast iron GJL, AISI 316, Bronze B10 with thickness’ that vary from 0.2 mm to 2 mm. For the additino of alloy steel there are some limitations with regards to the geometry and/or the dimension of the component to be treated.

Addition Tungsten-carbide
Treatments: phase 030 remove grease, phase 040 sand-blasting, phase 060 addition Tungsten-Carbide.

Typical composition
Carbon 0.90%, Cobalt 15-18%, Iron 0.2 max.
Hardness 80 Rc., thickness 0.3 – 2 mm