Solve & Save

New Generation Pumps


Faggiolati presents its “new generation” submersible pumps:

  • High-efficiency motors suitable for VFD-drive
  • Hydraulics optimized for the widest range of applications
  • Materials and several designs suitable for any type of wastewater
  • Reliability and long life components

    Thanks to the hydraulic latest evolution and to a wide range of available materials, the Faggiolati submersible pumps do meet the needs of “resolution” of the most various application problems with a “savings” on operating/management costs.

Solve & Save

The new generation of Faggiolati machines is based on the “solve & save” philosophy: a double benefit for any application.


The hydraulics employed in the submersible pumps greatly differ from those used in pumps for pure liquids. The problem, often unsolvable, is to manage to move a liquid that, by definition, carries solids of nature, concentration and size the most disparate and uncontrollable. There is not a unique solution and the probability of clogging can be made, case by case, more or less low but never completely voided. With the “new generation” Faggiolati has only selected hydraulic that ensure the ultimate in terms of reliability and performance.


Saving is possible by means of operating costs reduction: to achieve low energy consumption, low maintenance costs and to ensure a longer durability within time it is required that the machine always works in its maximum performance area. The factors that contribute to decrease the management cost of a submersible pump are various and must be optimized simultaneously:

  • Overall Efficiency (motor efficiency and hydraulic efficiency)
  • The possibility of operating at variable speed with “active control ” through an inverter
  • Low clogging risk hydraulic in order to minimize the chances of downtime.
  • Materials and construction forms suitable for each wastewater to be treated.
  • Reliability and long life components.


Third generation of Faggiolati submersible pumps owns the construction and functional characteristics that allow to make the optimal combination of such factors for any application.

Factors affecting management costs

Rotation speed management

Machine structure and choice of the most suitable materials

Clog and abrasion resistance

Total output (motor+hydraulics)

Evolved Efficient Effective

Evolved, effective, efficient, … a solution for any application with “new generation” hydraulic.


The back-recess placed impeller is the hydraulic that provides a wide free-passage and insensitivity to wear from sand. The issue has always been the hydraulic efficiency and the sensitivity to rags : Faggiolati, thanks to the new generation machines, over the years went to work just on efficiencies and on the ability to resist to clogging: the impeller with conventional vortex, that had a maximum efficiency rate of 33% (1989), has undergone a first evolution with the introduction of the parting conical surface and of the fins for meridian circulation inhibition which has brought the efficiency to over 37% until the current latest evolution of vortex that thanks to the extension of the blading inlet edge towards the intake, improves the ability to pump wastewater having a strong presence of fibrous materials.


The multi-channel closed impeller is the hydraulic that provides the maximum hydraulic efficiency. In the face of this the simultaneous presence of an inlet edge perpendicular to the main flow and an overlapping disc makes high the risk of clogging from both solid and filamentary elements.

The new generation of channels impeller developed by Faggiolati solve the notorious issues that affect the closed impellers, thanks to open impellers equipped with an extended edge inlet that, through a special adjustable suction flange, allows to keep the “gap ” to very low values.


The multi-channel cutting system impeller is the hydraulic that allows to keep high levels of performance even in applications that require high discharge head and low capacity ; thanks to the “third generation” of grinder submersible pumps the resistance to thin fibers clogging has improved by means of the development of new reduced number exposed blades. Moreover both the cutting system and the ability to resist to cavitation were optimized.

Energy Saving

Our commitment to energy saving

Since 2010 we are re-designing the hydraulic part of our machines in order to increase their efficiency. From 2011-2012 we started working to bring all our motors to IE3 class by implementing, whereas possible, the technology of permanent synchronous magnet motor. Our target is to gain at least 5 efficiency points over the range between 1,5 Kw and 15 Kw. Faggiolati, sensitive to Energy issues since ever, between 2002 and 2010 has successfully completed several R & D projects relating to the Energy efficiency of submersible pumps and submersible aerators that ranked among the top first in the public body financing graded list. Thanks to the “third generation” submersible pumps, the energy efficiency goals, desired by the document “National Energy Strategy” issued by the Ministry of Economic Development at the end of 2012, are achieved.

High efficiency motors.

The submersible electric pump is made of two coupled machines: the electrical motor, which is the driving machine, has the highest yield compared to the pump that is the operating machine. Energy saving and emission reduction into the atmosphere can only be achieved if it is possible to make the machine working for as long as possible within the maximum efficiency area, by avoiding frequent start-ups and modulating the capacity on the basis of actual requirements. With the transition to efficiency class IE3, high performance values were achieved, furthermore, all motors were prepared to operate at variable speed through inverter. This allow to control at best the overall machine performance minimizing the operating costs.

Material and Environment

Material and environment: combined analysis to meet the challenge

The difficulties faced in securing a high reliability standard are inherently connected with the nature of the liquids that, time by time, are being treated. The extreme variability of environmental conditions (pH either very low or very high, marine environment, oil and fuel presence) makes therefore impossible the identification of a single material suitable to ensure a good durable operating life. The Faggiolati Pumps, aware that the challenge of quality passes through a constant strengthening of know-how, it is careful in the analysis of the environments in which the products are applied to always select the most appropriate solution; in this context it has faced an in-depth study of materials resulted in the realization of machines made of austenitic stainless steel AISI316L, Duplex, superduplex, nickel and bronze-aluminum superalloys that can provide the optimal solution in any circumstances.

The reason why to choose the new generation "Solve & Save"

IIn the engineering field the success of an application depends on many factors including the accuracy of the design, the precision in the construction of the machine and the correct identification of the environmental parameters in which the product is to operate. Thanks to the latest evolution hydraulic and to a wide range of available materials, the Faggiolati submersible pumps do meet the needs of “resolution” of the most various application problems.Thanks to the IE3 motors, suitable to control through inverter, in addition to the effectiveness and reliability of the machines, Faggiolati allows the “savings” on operating/management costs.

1) Shaftsrmade of stainless steel AISI 431B, grided down in ball bearings and mechanical seals seats, overdimensioned compared to the standard parameters of use, dynamically balanced.

2) High-efficiency motor at efficiency class IE3, designed to operate at variable speed through inverter.

3) Hydraulic multi-channel open impeller with high hydraulic efficiency, with self-cleaning blade profile equipped with a special adjustable suction flange, that allows fine clearance adjustment.

4) Motor cooling jacket through forced circulation of the coolant in closed circuit.

5) Rotor + dynamic seals it is the core that contains the most stressed components of the electric submersible pump; radial ball bearings , life-long lubricated, maintenance-free; double mechanical seals according to DIN.