Replicast Steel Castings

These are the first st. steel castings in the world realized in replicast. The serie of pumps X271 in AISI 316 ( we can cast them in duplex – astelloy alloy – and others alloys) WE HAVE PRODUCED THEM IN A FOUNDRY NEAR OUR FACTORY Our technical department has designed the particular sample obtaining an excellent result. Actually we are developing and improving the quality of all our range using such new casting method.


Herewith enclosed the technical report of our Chief Designer Engineer.

Il Giornale dell’ Ingenere
14 Settembre 2006
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Thanks for your kind attention
Giovanni Faggiolati

N.B.: Impellers produced in Italy

Note for our competitors:

“Do not try to copy, as projects, casting plants and castings are full of wise secrets”

New Stainless Steel AISI 316/Duplex Impellers

Our stainless steel AISI 316 pumps range is updated with new impellers realized through the lost-wax casting technology. This process brings many advantages for the final quality of our products.

The better dimensional precision obtained through lost-wax casting grants optimal balance of the impellers.

This casting technology also enhances both the precision of the blades profile and the superficial quality, thus granting excellent fluid-dynamic performances. Impellers realized with lost-wax casting technology will equip our 3-channels, vortex and grinder pumps up to 6 kW.