Ossi-Mix OMG410

Considering excellent results of OSSI MIX and OSSI MIX O2 system’s reliability and efficiency, it was decided to expand the range of these aerators with a more versatile and economical machine, especially in the use of small oxidation tanks. The main purpose of this machine is to be able to replace the current self-aspirating radial aerators commonly offered on the market, with a new one characterized by a better performance and lower absorbed power. This aerator is mainly used in sedimentation tanks, with a diameter of about 4 m and a height of 10-12 m.
The main constructive features are those of the upper-size machines:
the impeller in DUPLEX gr. 4A stainless steel is an innovative high efficiency double-channel impeller with a special anti-clogging profile, optimized to work at high flow rates and low heads.
Even the geometry of 304 stainless steel nozzles resembles that one of the upper-size machines.