Ecodesign regulation for electric motors, EU 2021/341

Submersible electric pumps with high energy efficiency motors, in compliance with the Ecodesign directive for electric motors, EU regulation 2021/341, which provides for a further criterion for subdividing the efficiency classes.

With reference to the IEC 60034-30-1:2014 standard, which defines the efficiency classes for low voltage three-phase motors in the power range from 0.75 kW to 1000 kW, the “IE” Code stands for “International Efficiency” and combines with a progressive number as follows:

– IE2 = High Efficiency;
– IE3 = Premium Efficiency;
– IE4 = Super Premium Efficiency (from kW 75 up to kW 200).

Are excluded from the classification system:
– motors fully integrated into a machine (e.g. pumps, fans and compressors) which cannot be tested separately from the machine.
– motors remaining permanently submerged.

The pumps updated with the adoption of Super Premium class IE4 motors may undergo some modifications: absorbed current, absorbed power, dimensions and weight.

In addition to aiming to respect the environment, the new regulation provides even excellent advantages for the end user: with the improvement of efficiency, not only energy consumption will decrease, but the motors will have a longer life due to better heat dissipation and to the quality of the construction components (magnetic sheet metal, wedges, slot liners, etc.).

La Faggiolati pumps S.p.A. non ha l’obbligo di realizzare i motori secondo il nuovo Regolamento, ma è in grado di fornire quasi tutte le sue elettropompe con motori elettrici ad alta efficienza IE2-IE3-IE4 (kW75-200).