New Directive EuP 2005/32 EC

Submersible electric pumps of high energetic efficiency in conformity with European directive EuP (Energy-using Products) with a new subdivision of efficiency classes. Even though the correspondence is not completely precise and the motor characteristics are slightly different, it’s possible to confirm that a type previously called Eff2 corresponds to IE1 and Eff1 – to IE2.
Efficiency class IE2 is considered a plus today, however starting from this year it becomes a norm under IEC 60034-30:2008, which defines the efficiency classes on basis of tension in the power range from 0,75kW to 375kW. A code “IE” stands for “International Efficiency” and is followed by a number:
– IE1 = Standard Efficiency;
– IE2 = Elevated Efficiency;
– IE3 = Premium Efficiency.

Classification does not include:

– motors that are completely integrated into equipment (e.g. pumps, fans and compressors) that cannot be tested separately from the equipment.

– motors that are permanently submersed. Electric pumps produced under the new Directive may be subject to some modifications: absorbed current, absorbed power, dimensions and weight. Besides being environmentally friendly the new Directive brings many advantages to the final user, as by increasing the efficiency the costs of energy consumption will go down, and the motors will have a longer lifespan thanks to decreased heat dissipation, to say nothing of high quality of components of construction (electrical steel laminations, slot areas etc.).

Faggiolati Pumps S.p.A. is not obliged to supply the motors according to the new Directive, however almost all the pumps in its range can be equipped with an electric motor of high efficiency IE2-IE3.