Mixer Series With Marine Impeller

The new mixer series with marine impeller is based on the construction technology of all our submersible products. The new hydraulic component has been re-designed in order to obtain better performances in terms of mixing, thanks to a higher ratio thrust/absorbed power. This aspect allows a considerable saving of energy. The new impellers reduce clogging problems thanks to their particular self-cleaning profile, also avoiding blocking problems of the mechanical seals, as a result of an accurate design of the seal chamber. All the impellers are realized in monolithic stainless steel AISI 316 castings, through a lost-wax or REPLICAST® process, granting an excellent quality of blades surfaces and high mechanical and fatigue strength.

1) Les arbres sont réalisés en acier inoxydable AISI 420.

2) Moteur asynchrone triphasé 4 pôles, classe d’isolation H(180°C).singly high quality of our products.

3) Garniture supérieure : mécanique, céramique/carbone.

4) Garniture inférieure: mécanique, carbure de silicium/carbure de silicium.

5) Moulures: Fonte EN-GJL-250

6) Hélice: Acier inoxydable AISI316