Clean Seal mixer modification

Clean Seal Mixer Modification

The continuous and well-established co-operation among Faggiolati Pumps S.p.A. and the Mechanical Department of University “La Sapienza” – Roma led to the realization of a seal chamber for our mixers able to protect mechanical seal from clogging problems. Starting from the experimental data provided by our R&D Department, it has been possible to elaborate a numerical model suitable to describe the flow around the mechanical seal. The analysis of this model led us to understand the clogging dynamics and to create an innovative geometry for the seal chamber able to modify the flow paths in order to prevent the mechanical seal clogging. Even if the approach to the problem was totally

“numerical”, the experimental data have been of great importance both in the first stage of validation of the model and in the final stage of this co-operation, during which has been tested the solution chosen for very adverse environments and for long periods of time/application. The good results of these tests convinced Faggiolati Pumps S.p.A. to propose this solution for the complete mixer range, surpassing the competitors for quality and innovation, thus upwarding the state of the art.