Atex range up to 50 Kw

Ex Certification

Faggiolati Pumps S.p.A. with a view of continuous expansion, supplying an ever-increasing range of highly advanced products, aimed at satisfying the real needs of the customer, is currently engaged in the certification of anti-explosion motors (ATEX). All the Ex Products (currently with power ratings up to 50kW) are designed with particular expediences that permit them to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

New nameplates for Ex pumps

Ex Nameplates manufactured before the 31/12/2006 have been modify, you can ask the new updates nameplate at our commercial office, specify the serial number of machine.

Pumps nameplate, is manufactured in AISI 304, it is fixed on the pump body with special nails. Data are engraved on it to avoid risks of wear out.
Pumps are always equipped with a second sticker nameplate in KPS, that can be put on the control panel and with manual of Instruction and use.

Nameplate for ATEX electric pumps:

1) ATEX product series, 2) Pump type, 3) Max. delivery, 4) N° of phases, rated voltage, frequency, 5) Rated power, 6) Operation Duty, 7) Standard, 9) Rated motor current, 10) Capacitor rating,11) Protection mode,12) Max. head, 13) Serial number, 15) Certificate number, 16) Weight, 18) Rotation speed rpm, 19) Power factor, 20) Max. liquid temperature, 21) Insulation class